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White Christmas Card

Posted by Mike on December 21, 2008

On Saturday 12-20-08 I drove from Bellingham to Kent trying to avoid using the freeway unless there was no other route. I tended to stay west along the water. Just at sunset I ran across this wonderful scene on the Tulalip Indian Reservation west of Marysville. It has a little photoshop work to make the image a little better than reality.



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Twin Sisters Range, SE of Lynden, WA

Posted by Mike on November 24, 2008

At just the right time (sun only a few degrees above horizon) I happen to be driving by this wonderful little scene south of Lynden, WA.

Kinda has that Thomas Kinkade painting look doesn’t it… that’s the plan.

mt-shuksan-001Here is the way the shot looked before any work was done….








I re processed the DNG file with a new version of Lightroom (no photoshop this time). This is a Lightroom 4.3 version of the image…more sharpness, less noise, no paint filters… straight photography…


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Toyota is Green?

Posted by Mike on May 22, 2008

This ad for Toyota just popped into my head while I was taking a day off to make photos of things I like (waterfalls and green stuff in the Columbia River Gorge, East of Portland, Oregon).

What would help them sell cars? Here is one idea….

These two photos were taken the same day about 40 miles apart… It’s a great place to work since you can have any climate you want in a few miles travel.

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