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Lightroom 5 and Photomatix

Posted by Mike on July 7, 2014

Recently Photomatix made an export preset to send multiple files to Photomatix to be compiled into a floating point 32 bit file. Then it automatically re imports to Lightroom and you now have 11 or 12 stops of exposure latitude to work with in crafting the “perfect” file. Without all the HDR crap that comes from running the files through regular HDR software. This sample was 5 shots combined into one and then manipulated for final results.


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A little fun after dark….

Posted by Mike on August 5, 2009

People have been coming to this location for decades to snap their photos with 8 x 10 view cameras, 4×5’s 2 1/4’s, 35mm’s, digital snappers and now camera phones… (Wait, did you notice a trend toward lesser and lesser quality?)

Why? Mostly they are not seeking a quality professional photograph. They are only seeking a memory…. And in that case, any rough image will do….

Not me; I can’t stand crappy images. I want something to look at with the idea that I might see something different every time I look at it…. The concept is “transcendence”.

This is when the image transcends the medium and you feel as though you are looking at the concept (the essence of the thing (if a real “thing’ even exists)).

Ansel Adams and Christopher Burkett, ( ) and some others are two photographers whose work transcends the medium.

Click the link to the right that says “levels of photographers” for a complete explanation.


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Kruckeberg Garden, Shoreline, WA

Posted by Mike on July 5, 2009

There are small wonders to be found walking through this garden…

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The Patch in the Dock

Posted by Mike on February 10, 2009

I can’t decide which color rendition to go for a final version.  So how about all three?

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Pond Scum Art… nothing to do with politicians…. for once!

Posted by Mike on January 14, 2009

You never know where the next interesting thing is coming from (if you’re ALWAYS looking around)…

Check out these shots from along the Snoqualmie River… Made with 21/4 Bronica and color neg film, 250mm, 50mm, and 80mm lenses.

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Winter’s tough guys

Posted by Mike on December 21, 2008

These guys are tougher than you are…  These were made where Sunset Road crosses the Samish River in the Skagit River Delta.

It was 20 degrees F. They live out here and I could only stand it for a few minutes. My hands go first…

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Snow Day

Posted by Mike on December 21, 2008

On Saturday 12-20-08 I drove from Bellingham to south of Seattle trying to avoid the freeway…sticking close to the water…. 6 hours of compact snow and ice dodging the idiots who operate Chevrolet Suburbans (General Motors SHOULD go out of business for this reason alone).

Anyway, here are the shots.

I discovered a quality problem too late… Many times there was simply no place to park the car so I could get out and shoot a photo… So dumb me, I shot out the open window. Well, when it is 20 degrees F outside and 65 or 70 degrees F inside the car (plus the heat of the engine) the air wiggles… a lot. So many of my shots are ruined even though the shutter speed might have been has high as 1/600…

Get out of the car (but don’t get run over by some kook in his/her Suburban thinking they are immune from gravity and inertia)!

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Twin Sisters Range, SE of Lynden, WA

Posted by Mike on November 24, 2008

At just the right time (sun only a few degrees above horizon) I happen to be driving by this wonderful little scene south of Lynden, WA.

Kinda has that Thomas Kinkade painting look doesn’t it… that’s the plan.

mt-shuksan-001Here is the way the shot looked before any work was done….








I re processed the DNG file with a new version of Lightroom (no photoshop this time). This is a Lightroom 4.3 version of the image…more sharpness, less noise, no paint filters… straight photography…


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Genus Lilium…

Posted by Mike on November 9, 2008

I have 2 decent photos of these elusive plants… Here they are….

Other photographers have done better… I think they are tough to photograph.

The pair in the stream were particularly risky… I am in cold water up to my rear-end waiting for the sun to go below the horizon and the wind to stop for the 4 second exposure at F22… so we can see the whole stream…


The single was a breeze to photograph but required a little Photoshop to get rid of some distractions….


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Waiting even longer

Posted by Mike on November 7, 2008

This landscape photo took 20 years…. It just never looked right when I wandered by year after year. (It’s about 150 miles from my home so it’s quite a trip to keep coming back over and over again. But in 2008 I finally got a pretty good image.


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