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Pre Thanksgiving food photos…

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008

Turkey isn’t everything. Especially when you see this spread.

Today’s food shoot was a treat to look at….

Steak…. Halibut stuffed with Crab…. Salmon…

There was a shrimp dish too… but I ate it…. sorry…

The get this look I use one 20 inch wide hard dish light with a sock over it and one really big soft light for fill… Canon 5D with 100mm macro at f25, 1/125th, iso 50 or 100…

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Howard Behar, patience incarnate

Posted by Mike on August 1, 2008

Mr. Behar, formerly of that giant coffee company (Starbucks), was the object of a magazine story I was asked to photograph.

The requirements to fit into the design were pretty specific and I needed to combine actual bowlers in the background with him….

He was cool right up to picture 3… and then we were done….

Thanks, Howard.

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