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Small detail makes a big difference…

Posted by Mike on November 7, 2008

One of my clients published these photos as part of a story on Hospice care. This is the unfortunate story of a young woman who is dying of cancer. I immediately knew I wanted her dog in the photos. As a dog owner, I knew the dog probably had empathy for his master when she was feeling poorly (lots of pain in cancer cases). My feelings were confirmed by the woman who described her dog as able to read her situation each day.

The first photo shows the doctor touching the dog…oops! we goofed. This photo told the story that the dog was sick… not the woman. So, in a followup story we ran the second photo. The third photo is my rendition of the photo as I would liked it to appear… more mood involved… more selective direction of the eye to the subject matter and less on the hospital room clutter.


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Absolut Springtime

Posted by Mike on May 26, 2008

Working with these guy’s products is a joy because they want to pay for creativity…. They have even had contests for photos with $10,000 prizes…. and maybe you get to drink what’s in the bottle too…

absolut springtime, now until labor day

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