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The Wide angle telephoto…

Posted by Mike on August 12, 2014

You need one of these… you have one of these… whether you know it or not…

The secret is in the photoshop “Photomerge” panorama machine… ¬†Figure it out you will love the results…

Here we have a photo which would normally be made with a 35mm wide angle lens (on a full frame 35mm digital camera). But instead I have pieced together 75 photos taken with a 200mm lens…

Mt. Rainier

Because this is a 2 gigabyte file (or more) you can zoom in and see people climbing the mountain from 5 1/2 to 6 miles away (Canon 70 to 200mm L lens 1/640th at f10)pano jpg b pano jpg dHere are some other multi shot panoramas made with telephoto lenses (mostly an 85mm f1.8 Canon which I think is the perfect panorama lens).


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Lightroom 5 and Photomatix

Posted by Mike on July 7, 2014

Recently Photomatix made an export preset to send multiple files to Photomatix to be compiled into a floating point 32 bit file. Then it automatically re imports to Lightroom and you now have 11 or 12 stops of exposure latitude to work with in crafting the “perfect” file. Without all the HDR crap that comes from running the files through regular HDR software. This sample was 5 shots combined into one and then manipulated for final results.

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