Making Not Taking Photographs

Backstage views on making photographs professionally

More Browser Info

Where to from here?

So what can you, the reader who sees less than the optimum enactment of a page, do about this situation? You can consider downloading and installing any of the following browsers, all of which do a good job. You will probably find the most recent version of your current browser among this crop — the newer browsers, as a rule, have better standards support. With these you will see this site and others the way you should. All of the following browsers are available free.


The open-source Firefox browser is the creation of the group behind the powerful Gecko rendering engine which powers many other browsers. It supports all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff like HTML, CSS, PNG and the DOM. Don’t worry about the acronyms — they simply amount to great stuff. Firefox flies the flag as the most compliant of the current browsers and is available for every computer platform under the sun. Improved versions are available nightly. My favourite browser.


Safari is Apple’s own browser for Mac OS X, and comes installed on all new Macs, as well as now being available for Windows. It has a terrific rendering engine, and has the best JavaScript performance of any browser.


In 2008 Google hired a bunch of ex-Firefox developers and other clever people to create their own browser. Chrome, like Safari, is based on the WebKit rendering engine, which means it’s super-fast, and executes JavaScript extremely quickly, which is particularly useful on JavaScript-heavy sites like Google’s own Gmail. Chrome will only run on an Intel Mac.


Opera Software have long been promoting standards-compliance in browsers and offer good support for most standards. It’s fast at displaying pages and is a small download. It is available free, and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; with support for further platforms in the works.

Internet Explorer

IE for Windows has decent support for many important standards, including the vital HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and CSS-1, as well as good JavaScript support. It is notoriously poor in accurately rendering websites because it is not standard compliant. There is no Mac version anymore.

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