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How to: Puget Sound Landscape

Posted by Mike on January 22, 2013

023Sunset 094SunsetSeveral people have written me about these photos…. asking how to:  If you have ever read the first edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook it starts by saying “…first stand in front of the stove…”. So that means you need to be in the right place at the right time.  These were made within a few minutes of each other from pretty much the same location.  Both with a Canon 1Ds Mark2. Both with a 70 to 200mm lens.  The boat was ISO 400 hand held at f9 with 1/80th of a second shutter. The Pilings were ISO 640 at f 4 at 1/50th of a second 17 minutes later, March 16, 2012.  This is an old 1997 lens with no stabilization or I might have had it on… I usually shoot 3 to 5 shots rapidly to make sure I get a sharp on in these hostile lighting situations.

Before: Here are the initial RAW files of these two  photos.


For the Boat here are the Lightroom settings:  Basic, Profile, Brush, HSL,  and graduated filters, if any:

02 boat basic 03 boat hsl 04 profile boat 05 boat brush one 06 boat brush 2 07 boat graduated filters

For the Pilings here are the same settings:

01 basic 09 pilings profile 10 pilings brush

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