Making Not Taking Photographs

Backstage views on making photographs professionally

A little fun after dark….

Posted by Mike on August 5, 2009

People have been coming to this location for decades to snap their photos with 8 x 10 view cameras, 4×5’s 2 1/4’s, 35mm’s, digital snappers and now camera phones… (Wait, did you notice a trend toward lesser and lesser quality?)

Why? Mostly they are not seeking a quality professional photograph. They are only seeking a memory…. And in that case, any rough image will do….

Not me; I can’t stand crappy images. I want something to look at with the idea that I might see something different every time I look at it…. The concept is “transcendence”.

This is when the image transcends the medium and you feel as though you are looking at the concept (the essence of the thing (if a real “thing’ even exists)).

Ansel Adams and Christopher Burkett, ( ) and some others are two photographers whose work transcends the medium.

Click the link to the right that says “levels of photographers” for a complete explanation.


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