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Dumbass kids with dumbass fireworks…

Posted by Mike on July 22, 2009

They say, sarcastically, that Democrats are just Republicans who haven’t been mugged yet…. Meaning that, I suppose, once you have tasted a little bitterness in life (or a lot) you tend to become more conservative and hard-ass about what to do with miscreants. On the other hand, if you understand charity and positive thinking, you pick yourself (and your family and dog) UP and move on… which is what these folks are doing.

Here is why fireworks are outlawed in more and more communities. It’s 6 pm June 30th, you are eating dinner and suddenly you notice your $2million dollar house is on fire and before you can say “oh poop” it’s gone… with everything in it. By the way, the air conditioning system helped out here by transferring the fire to every room in the house, including the crawl space… which might have made the fire worse than it needed to be. Had it been night time it might have killed everyone with smoke before the fire got them. Time for change in the electrical/HVAC codes.

And, yes, they caught the two juvenile neer-do-wells who did this.

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