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Making a photo from pretty much nothing….

Posted by Mike on July 10, 2009

We needed a front page photo for the INTA daily newspaper at their 131st convention. Mind numbing images one person at a microphone after another came into view all day… And even this seminar on how to make a presentation went bad with the sound system failing and people scattered all over the stage…. Not to mention the really poor background, fire extinguisher, and doors (that I took out).

Then it occurred to me that if we could just get all the participants to play along for 5 minutes after their presentation we could condense the whole thing into one shot and sucessfully tell their story.

More Photos:

I think it worked:


inta presentation


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Matching the Drawing…

Posted by Mike on July 10, 2009

It’s not always possible to match drawings since you frequently have no place to stand to make the photo. But in this case we got pretty close.

Kidney center

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