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San Juan Islands

Posted by Mike on May 11, 2009

I have, for some time, wanted to go back to Cattle point to get a sunrise photo.My last attempt many years ago was a great image except it was fuzzy… I could never use it for anything. Landscape needs to be razor sharp.

Mother’s day was predicted to be great weather. Sunrise starts are 5:47AM… and as a bonus there was full moon.

But the show started at 5:05AM as the sky lit up and the fog moved around.

The first four shots are during the trip to Friday Harbor at about 8:45 PM. Mount Baker is the first shot.

The great blue sky  is the full moon setting over the Olympic Mountains about 80 miles from where I was standing about 5:25AM.

Go here for one of my visitors during the sunrise photo trip… He got a blue-berry bagel for being nice and not biting me.

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San Juan Fox

Posted by Mike on May 11, 2009

If this guy hadn’t wiggled an ear as I drove by I wouldn’t have noticed this reddish ball of fur sleeping on top of a rock out in the open…

He waked up, looked at me, stretched, and then walked over to stare at me me up close and he eventually walked away with a blue berry bagel… hope he liked it.

He probably does OK since this island is over run with rabbits… but he has to compete with eagles who like them too.

6AM with a 300mm on a 5D.  Do you think the last fox is part Black Lab?

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Dinner tonight!

Posted by Mike on May 9, 2009

Here’s a fantasy dinner for you…. fresh out of the camera from your nearby Italian Restaurant…

Out fictitious guest has selected Grazies, for a salad, shrimp, wine, and 3 desserts… since it was his birthday!

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