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’56 Chevy

Posted by Mike on April 27, 2009

_mg_2154I was on my way to photograph a spring time event in Granite Falls when I stopped for breakfast at Jakes in Snohomish. Stop by to see the life sized statues of Jake and Elwood inside… and get some good food too while you’re at it.

Anyway , it was only 7:15AM when I was finished and there sat this great rebuild of an American Classic. Couldn’t resist photographing it.

I was not happy with the background and junk behind the fence but unless you have control over these things you need to make do. So here is the before shot… just about 1 hour after sunrise (mountains and daylight time figured in)…

But this was just a snap-shot and I thought the car deserved better. So when I got back to the shop I worked it over a little. Amazingly, I did not work on the car itself… It was dang near perfect.


Top secret info: Canon 5D, 115mm, 1/500 f7.1, -2/3 exposure factor, ISO 250, 7:17AM daylight time, April, 2009, Lightroom and Photoshop 10, 15 layers, and a bunch of other stuff. No retouching at all on the car… except two odd ball reflections in the front chrome bumper from street lights.

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