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Seattle Center… for an hour or two.

Posted by Mike on February 22, 2009

After getting robbed at the Lucy exhibit ($25 to see what looks like a poorly lit plastic skeleton kit) I wandered around a bit to see what else I could find at this otherwise aging left over from the 1962 World’s Fair.  I saw a good architectural photo and some nice butterflies…

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Day at the doctor…

Posted by Mike on February 11, 2009

Sam gets a flu shot and a coupon for a Red Robin meal….

What was the story about? Everything is the same as regular about this doctor’s office… except the doctor doesn’t believe in artificial birth control. So she asks all her patients from 1 month to 91 years old to sign off on the same understanding.

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The Patch in the Dock

Posted by Mike on February 10, 2009

I can’t decide which color rendition to go for a final version.  So how about all three?

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Adventure Yachts, Seattle

Posted by Mike on February 5, 2009

Adventure Yachts, Seattle

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Stills from the photo shoot:


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Gourmondo, The Art of Food

Posted by Mike on February 5, 2009

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Gourmondo is a Gourmet Catering Company in Seattle.

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