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Nature Photography, freezing rain…

Posted by Mike on December 29, 2008

Anyone who thinks making photos of wildlife in a natural settings is the way they want to make a living should rethink that idea.

To help you along… perhaps going out for the afternoon and sitting in freezing rain will stimulate your processes.

These guys landed in my backyard and I have always wanted a good photo of Snow Geese so I put in 4 hours Sunday to see if I could get a good photograph of them.

Basically, for all that time nothing happened until sunset when they got nervous and made plans to head for wherever they were going to spend the night.

Then you better be ready… ISO 1600, 300mm lens, f2.8, and make sure your hands will move after freezing in the rain for hours…. or the batteries haven’t died.

So… 4 hours and 600 shots nets one photo worth a poop… no client to cover it all… only a good investment if you like the solitude and beauty…

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