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Snow Day

Posted by Mike on December 21, 2008

On Saturday 12-20-08 I drove from Bellingham to south of Seattle trying to avoid the freeway…sticking close to the water…. 6 hours of compact snow and ice dodging the idiots who operate Chevrolet Suburbans (General Motors SHOULD go out of business for this reason alone).

Anyway, here are the shots.

I discovered a quality problem too late… Many times there was simply no place to park the car so I could get out and shoot a photo… So dumb me, I shot out the open window. Well, when it is 20 degrees F outside and 65 or 70 degrees F inside the car (plus the heat of the engine) the air wiggles… a lot. So many of my shots are ruined even though the shutter speed might have been has high as 1/600…

Get out of the car (but don’t get run over by some kook in his/her Suburban thinking they are immune from gravity and inertia)!

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