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Pizza before and after…

Posted by Mike on November 14, 2008

Unfortunately there is this belief that just because a file is digital it’s ready to go right out of the camera… not true. Same is true from film scans… which is where this photo originates (21/4 film scanned to 65 megabytes).



after-pizzaAnd by the way… This finished version was entered into two different photography judging competitions… It scored a very low score in one and first place in the other.

So don’t give up if the world doesn’t see it your way. Perhaps they weren’t even looking.

I made this with a 110mm macro lens on a 21/4 Bronica with Portra 160NC. f22 at 1/125th of a second. Two strobes and a foam core reflector helped out. One strobe was in a soft box strip about 14 inches by 30 inches and the other light was in a 16 inch dish painted white, with a sock over it.

One Response to “Pizza before and after…”

  1. john rowe said

    Think tonight I’ll have pizza!

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