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Kitchen Design Contest Photography

Posted by Mike on November 9, 2008

A winning entry from Dawn Gogle/ Hoppet Design and Build, Gig Harbor, WA

gogel-kitchen-rgbThis was shot with a 21/4 camera, on film, with a 40mm lens… The space was too small to get my 4×5 into the spot I needed to be… Extensive photoshop work removed a stainless bun warmer built into one of the cabinets, straightened the perspective (both ways), and to get the color under control for magazine reproduction. The floor just would not scan correctly… cherry wood is a tough color I guess….

2 Responses to “Kitchen Design Contest Photography”

  1. Wonderful! I really liked your pic, especially the lighting fixtures. I like to see more pics from your post.

    Clara John

  2. Thank you!
    Hoppet Design typically commissions artists to make lighting fixtures from scratch….

    If you want to see more of their work cruise around the architecture sections of my website….
    There are quite a few of their projects there.

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