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Art, Michael Kline

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

I photographed Mr. Kline’s portfolio a while ago. He produces quite a variety of fascinating pieces both 2D and 3D.

This one struck me… I leaned the one piece over and he didn’t like that. He was “disturbed”.

Thus the title “Disturbance in the Fork”….  StarWars…get it?

3/4ths of what I do is driven by what pops into my head at any given moment. If I’m lucky I write it down for future work.

By the way, this was done with a Nikon 5700 point and shoot… It has a hot shoe so I could hook it up to real lighting equipment.


2 Responses to “Art, Michael Kline”

  1. Colleen said

    Wow, cool image. Is this meant to be an art piece? Or are these actual utensils?

  2. They are about 18 inches tall and fragile… so just for art I think.

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