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Kitchen Design Contest Photography

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

savvy-cabinetsSavvy Cabinets hires me to photograph their work for Kitchen and Bath design contests. This little photo required a bunch of gymnastics (for the camera and lights).

Lighting small areas is tough. There is no place for lights. So we are back to mutiple exposures with a light in and with a light out… then combining them.

To finish the image I tweaked the vertical perspective (mostly with the camera)… but not enough… so I tweaked the horizontal perspective (mostly with Photoshop)…. Then, the picture looked like a real carpenter with a square and a level built the kitchen.

This is important. Architects and designers hate distorted wide angle lens shots….. This image was made with several lights you can’t see, a 40mm lens, and a 21/4 square camera with Kodak film.

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Do everything wrong, get good Photo!

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

OK kids… go out and get a “film” camera, medium format, fisheye lens, get a beautiful woman to go nude on a warm beach in California, point the camera into the sun and take a picture. Here’s what you will get… right?


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Food Photography, 2 approaches….

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

I kind of divide food photography into two kinds…. The current trend seems to be very small segment of sharp in focus with the rest of the image blurred off into never-never land. The other style is, alternately, “everything’s sharp”.

I do both…. but we need to talk before the session….

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Art, Michael Kline

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

I photographed Mr. Kline’s portfolio a while ago. He produces quite a variety of fascinating pieces both 2D and 3D.

This one struck me… I leaned the one piece over and he didn’t like that. He was “disturbed”.

Thus the title “Disturbance in the Fork”….¬† StarWars…get it?

3/4ths of what I do is driven by what pops into my head at any given moment. If I’m lucky I write it down for future work.

By the way, this was done with a Nikon 5700 point and shoot… It has a hot shoe so I could hook it up to real lighting equipment.


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Family support for Mom, 91

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

Carmela Rinaldi is 91 and slipping away. She still has fun though. Freddie the dog is her constant companion. Her children and grand children are taking care of her 24-7. People are at home for dinner. Hospice visits. Her doctor makes house calls. High quality Italian food tastes and smells permeate her home.

I cheated a bit on this photo by combining two pictures. I really needed both Freddie and Carmela in focus. So I shot two shots, each at a different point of focus, combined them in layers and layer masked away what I didn’t want.

2-27-09 Update: Carmela passed away today.

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Sam, 11 and still thinks chasing squirrels is a duty…

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

My Best friend for the last 11 years decked out to advertise a Bowling Christmas Party.sam-11-08-004

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Product Photography, ultimate image….

Posted by Mike on November 8, 2008

This photo was made with more than 25 exposures in 3 cameras on 4×5 film. The effect intended was to have this product depicted as a planet… with the product’s installation tools orbiting. Of course, the planet is lit from the inside to depict molten lava.

The print was 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall and it was impressive. The client made a lot of money, sold the company at a profit and retired. I, on the other hand, am still working. Perhaps, I should have done the photo for free only asking for a % ?

So what are these products?

nozzlesAnswer: They are nozzles you would use in a hot tub for air bubbles.

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