Making Not Taking Photographs

Backstage views on making photographs professionally

Quincy Jones…

Posted by Mike on September 28, 2008

Mr. Jones travels in a bubble…. He creates it as he moves and people gather around forming the perimeter. He is, after all, famous and successful.

As a result of whatever is going on inside this bubble (which is not necessarily a visible thing), he is very difficult to photograph. Looking at the camera is not going to happen…

So one way to photograph him is to back off with a 400mm lens and zero in on the core of the bubble.

The other way I get people to pay attention is to start making up a fictional news story involving the person of interest and recite it out loud starting with a scandalous headline.

I needed a photograph with this young woman and Mr. Jones. He wouldn’t pay attention so I start in on this news story about how Mr. Jones and this woman were just married and this was their first photo shoot together…. The result is below…. much better than previous frames. When he realized what I was doing he cracked up…. and it worked out fine…

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