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China’s continuous black eye…

Posted by Mike on March 2, 2008

A lot of people have over the last 40 years started saying more favorable things about China. There is this impression that things are “better” over there.

Well, here is one thing that isn’t better. And, if I could avoid buying anything made in China I would.

They are bums.

But, of course, they are bums just like the United States is a terrorist nation (as a government) but, of course, not us, individually.. We did finally just throw out the worst (by ANY measure) administration we have ever had in 200 plus years. So there’s hope, I guess.

This wonderful little girl was adopted from China and brought to the US to live with some folks who adore her. Even the dog adores her… He, by the way, uses his tail as a metronome as she practices the violin.

She’s smart, she’s a musical talent too. I bet she’s famous someday!

Here is the black eye part. She was dumped off at an orphanage to die by her parents solely because she is a girl.  So I hope she gets even by becoming a talented wonderful person and tours China playing with an orchestra for $20,000 per performance.

The photo was made with a Canon 20D and a 16 to 35mm Lens and two flash heads off where you can’t see them.

One Response to “China’s continuous black eye…”

  1. mike said

    The photo of the girl and her family was awarded First Place in the 2008 Society of Professional Journalists competition.

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